Please seat yourself.

Here, for your dining pleasure, is the new and (hopefully) improved version of

This is a sister site to, but it will be run a little differently. For reasons too complicated to go into here, I pretty much micromanage I still intend to keep some measure of editorial control over things here, but because there are so many great restaurants along Route 66, and I have so few opportunities to visit some of them, I will be inviting a select number of Route 66 aficionados to serve as additional writers for this site.

Readers are, of course, more than welcome to join the fun by posting comments and recommendations, which the writers will act on as quickly as possible. (Comments will be held in moderation to protect the site from trolls and spammers.)

Now … let’s eat!



2 Responses to “Please seat yourself.”

  1. Great to see another quality site that helps guide us as we drive Route 66! Good luck Emily and to your contributors. We look forward to reading your takes on familiar places and learning about new ones. It’s a long drive for us easterners just to reach 66, and, much as we like to explore at a slow place and try every place ourselves, it’s really helpful to have some sound advice to guide food choices, especially when it’s a family trip.

    Brian Butko

  2. Thanks! And don’t let your location limit you — if you don’t see your favorite Route 66 restaurant listed here, please consider writing a review. You can e-mail me at sundayjohn66 at mac dot com for writers’ guidelines. It’s not a paying gig, but you do get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped a mom-and-pop business … and it’s been my experience that the Mother Road has a way of taking care of those who take care of her. :)

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