This site is a more interactive incarnation of the original Route66food.com. Like its sister site, Route66motels.com, it is designed to promote mom-and-pop businesses along Route 66. Unlike its sister site, Route66food.com is set up as a blog, allowing multiple contributors to post reviews. (Information about the contributors is listed on this page; scroll down to read it.)

Readers are welcome to post suggestions and comments about their own experiences at the listed restaurants, but to prevent vindictive trolls from scaring customers away from perfectly good businesses, all comments will be held in moderation, and any deemed Not Yet Ready for Primetime will be summarily deleted. Those decisions will be made entirely at the whim of the blog owner.


Emily Priddy
Administrator/founding editor

Emily Priddy and her husband, Ron Warnick, have been traveling Route 66 together since early May 2000. Emily chairs the Oklahoma Route 66 Association’s preservation committee and edits the organization’s popular Trip Guide. She is also past president and co-founder of Friends of the Mother Road, author of Route 66 for Kids, and Webmaster for several Route 66-related sites, including Route66motels.com, Spring Break 66, Kidson66.com, and the Indie Tulsa blog, which frequently spotlights businesses on Route 66 in Tulsa.

Emily has gained the better end of 25 pounds since her first Route 66 trip. She does not like to refer to this as “getting fat.” She prefers to think of it as “collecting souvenirs.”


Ron Warnick
contributing editor

Ron Warnick owns and operates the popular Route 66 News blog. He and his wife, Emily Priddy, live in a solar-powered cottage six blocks off the Mother Road in the old Red Fork area of west Tulsa. Ron is involved in the Oklahoma Route 66 Association and holds memberships in several other state Route 66 organizations. He has participated in Route 66 preservation projects from northern Illinois to the Texas Panhandle. He has driven from Illinois to California on Route 66 at least three times and has explored other stretches of the Mother Road more times than he can remember.

Ron is particularly fond of barbecue and hamburgers.


Kip Welborn

Kip Welborn, with his wife, Quinn Grimes, has been traveling Route 66 for almost 20 years. Five years ago, they added a new addition to their family, and their daughter, Natalie, has been traveling 66 with them since the tender age of 4 weeks. Kip Welborn is a member of the Route 66 Associations of Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, is a founding member of Friends of the Mother Road, Inc., and has cochaired the Route 66 Association of Missouri’s Motor Tour across Missouri for the past four years. Kip has published several articles in “Show Me Route 66” Magazine and has been working on a guide to Route 66 in his hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. Kip has been active in promoting the businesses along Route 66, including the mom-and-pop restaurants along Route 66 and in the St. Louis area.


Mike Ward

Like many other Route 66 roadies, Mike began his interest in the road as a child traveling with his parents in the mid-1950s. Growing up in Southern Illinois, the obvious road to take to visit friends and family in the western U.S. was Route 66. That interest continued into adulthood, as Route 66 was the obvious highway to take between many assignments during his 23 years in the United States Air Force.

Mike’s current interest in the road is of a much more nostalgic nature, looking toward its protection, preservation and promotion. Living in the Phoenix area, he is just a couple of hours away from the old road. As time allows, he and his wife, Sharon, hit the two-lane to relive those old travels. Obviously, when you travel you have to eat, and that’s where his connection with this Web site begins. To paraphrase a road quote, “Friends don’t let friends eat at franchise restaurants.”

Joni the Krusr

Joni traveled Route 66 as a child when her family went on vacation. The moment they arrived on Route 66 was a big moment for her. Some years ago, when traveling to visit family in New Mexico, she stopped in Elk City, OK. With some extra time, she went to visit a local museum and while there, met Wanda Queenan. Wanda told Joni of a recent book by Jim Ross on how to drive Route 66 in Oklahoma; Joni bought the book, and her romance with THE ROAD began all over again. This summer will be year 16 of Joni’s driving Route 66 in the summer. She is a member of the National Historic Route 66 Federation, the Illinois Route 66 Association, the Missouri Route 66 Association, the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, the Old Route 66 Association of Texas, the New Mexico Route 66 Association, and the Mother Road Museum in Barstow, California. She has many friends on the Route, and she really enjoys both her memories of the past and her present travels. She is an “adopter” of a stretch of the Route for the Federation. People where she lives ask her about her love of Route 66; she considers it 2000 miles of family and friends.

DISCLAIMER: None of the individuals listed above has any financial stake in any of the businesses listed on this site, so they can’t issue refunds or fire servers if you don’t like your meal. If one of the restaurants listed here does not meet your expectations for some reason, you need to take it up with the manager.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi There!

    I was interested in speakign with someone regarding adding POPS to the Oklahoma list of restaurants on Route 66. POPS opened it’s doors on August 6, 2007 and we have received a great response from the public!

    We would love to share our website and wonderful menu with your readers!

    I look forward to hearing from someone soon!

    Thank you!
    Jessica Ockershauser
    POPS Marketing Manager

  2. We are aware of POPS and will add it when time allows.


    My wife and I just opened up a coffee shop along the route right behind the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and museum. This area is so pretty, and international visitors have been asking for a good espresso, so we finally did it. The response so far has been fantastic. A group from Greece the other day declared it the best espresso they’d had in the states so far. We carry all the snacky treats and baked goods that go along with a good cup of coffee.

    I hope if you get an opportunity, you’ll stop by.

  4. What would you consider the iconic dishes of route 66? I’m looking for foods we could serve at food stations for a benefit.

    Every year the Cool Mint is a major sponsor of a benefit for a nonprofit that serves victims of family violence. The event is held at a car museum that houses classics from 1930’s thru 1960’s. This year the event is themed “Friends & Legends of Route 66” and will be between 6-9 pm on Satuday, Sept 24.

    Will be so interested in any feedback. I know of Fred Harvey but what off his menus? What more?

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