I don’t spend nearly enough time on the west end of 66 to give a competent report on the Left Coast’s dining options, but a couple of California roadies have volunteered to chime in here with their favorites just as soon as I finish the major construction on this site.

Hungry Bear
Ludlow Cafe
Bagdad Cafe
DiNapoli’s Firehouse
Juan Pollo
Fair Oaks Pharmacy


6 Responses to “California”

  1. Bill Cadenhead Says:

    Don’t forget the Summit Inn. a 50’s Diner that you can still get Date Shakes, and Bufalo Burgers. At the Oak Hills off ramp just at the Cajon Summit.
    Emma Jeans 1/2 mile east of the CA Rt66 Museum.
    There is a new place between Victorville and Barstow called Molly Browns Country Kitchen in a Vintage Bulding that was a Rt66 Resturant in Rt66’s hey day.

    • Randy Reed Says:

      Just went to Molly’s for the first time, good food ant LOTS of it!!! Linda and the rest of the wait staff there were GREAT!

  2. I’ve heard about the Summit Inn but haven’t had the opportunity to eat there. Would you be willing to contribute some reviews of your favorite California diners?

  3. The Summit Inn is a favorite of our family. We took our daughters on a “Route 66” trip last spring from Santa Monica to Winslow. Not far enough, but we only had one week. We live about an hour from the Summit Inn and since our trip we have been 3 or 4 more times just for the fun! Great food, great service, great prices and all the nostalgia of what I always think of when I think of Route 66!

  4. John Yang Says:

    Also, there is a small Hot Dog/Hamburger Stand on Fairfax just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. The name of the place is OKI DOG. This place was the quintessential Route 66 hang out that everybody thinks of when they think of 66. The place started on Santa Monica before the City of West Hollywood purchased it from the State of California. From the beginning it was the hang-out of Biker Gangs, Lesbian Bikers, and towards the end, when I remember it, a safe haven for Gay Hustlers, drug addicts, streetwalkers, and LA Hardcore, Punk Rockers (I was part of the latter). The two groups didn’t always get a long, but it shows the mind-set of LA Natives. A picture of how the United States is supposed to be, we accept and take everyone. I’m a Guide with WE ARE LA…

  5. Hey out there, If your looking for a GREAT place to eat or drink in Needles, Calif. on RT66. Its for sure JUICY’S FAMOUS RIVER CAFE!!!!. Their on West Broadway,Needles,Ca

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