New Mexico

Along Route 66 in New Mexico, you will find dazzling azure skies, stunning rock formations, and breathtaking vintage neon. You will also find stellar posole, the best chili dogs on earth, and the finest barbecue west of Memphis. The Land of Enchantment, indeed.

Del’s Restaurant
Comet II Drive-In
Joseph’s Restaurant
El Comedor
Coyote Cafe
Route 66 Diner
Frontier Restaurant
The Dog House
Mr. Powdrell’s Barbeque
Grants Cafe
El Rancho


One Response to “New Mexico”

  1. Dean’s Restaurant is one of those Route 66 Mom and Pop treasures that needs to be maintained, especially being situated in the struggling Tucumcari. The Restaurant was obviously one of the places to be when Tucumcari was home to 2000 rooms a night in its golden era.

    The restaurant has seen better days with a slight feel of desperation both inside and outside with many of the machines and equipment broken or repaired with tape. The soft drinks vending machine is now broken so they were unable to offer any other drinks than water or coffee. But we knew we had chosen the right place when an appetizer of home made Tortilla Chips and Salsa was brought to the table. It was honestly the best Salsa we have ever tasted and that alone should of been enough to give this place a new lease of life.

    Our taste buds were now buzzing so we both looked forward to our main meal. We had ordered some tacos and sopapillas which were the house speciality. Everything was home cooked American/Mexican food made fresh which had never been near a fast food pre-processed packet. We had a great feed at a reasonable price and can honestly say we had home cooked food done the Mexican way.

    We felt sad on leaving that these great places are struggling to survive, with things only getting worst as the big fast food chains now attract the local youths and the tourist traffic is not enough to keep these places alive. Please support this great little place on the eastern edge of Tucumcari, right on Route 66.

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